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Spine Surgery

Spine Surgery

Sometimes you must have spine surgery. The risk::reward ratio must be undeniably in your favor.

It is that simple.

My aim is, of course,  to help you avoid the risk of spine surgery, however, that said, sometimes the very best thing for you IS spine surgery.  It may seem counter-intuitive with the bad press surrounding spine surgery.   But here’s why.

I submit rather that poor outcomes are predicated upon poor selection.  I want to marry your problem with the very best tool for the job, and sometimes that tool will not be in my toolbox, but in that of a surgeon.  When that happens, when I identify a particular problem that I think will be well treated with a surgical solution, I refer to a surgeon.  And to THE surgeon who is best for that particular spine or pain problem.

For example: Microendoscopic Discectomy: 97% of patients satisfied.  Amazing.  Here is a great treatment for a particular problem.  Low Risk::High Satisfaction.  To avoid this kind of outcome would be failing my patients.


Surgery is not what you do when there is nothing else to do.

Surgery is what you do when you have a plan for success.

Why would you want spine surgery?

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