Novel Waveforms (Burst, Chaos, Pink Noise, High Density) SCS

Spinal Cord Stim. Introduction.

Please watch the series if you are contemplating a stimulator.  Please let me know if I have omitted anything.

The aim of the series of talks is to educate the public and physicians as to the “good, the bad, and the ugly” regarding spinal cord stimulation (neuromodulation).  This is the behind the scenes look, explaining why you would or wouldn’t want to go ahead with the treatment of neuromodulation for chronic pain or any other condition.
I am a double-board certified interventional spine and pain medicine attending who has done hundreds and hundreds of cases, from the simple to highly complex.  I consult and teach throughout the US and world and speak with about a decade of dedicated experience.  Dispite that history, I don’t know it all.  We don’t know all that we can do with this powerful treatment.

This is for our patients who we want to have every available tool to understand the nuances behind the decision making.  We want to expose all there is to know about neuromodulation so patients can make good decisions.

Neuromodulation is not a panacea.  It is not for everyone.  However for many it is quite literally a lifesaving and life-giving procedure that remains an extremely valuable tool for the treatment of chronic pain.

We spend $72.5 billion/year on prescription drug rehabilitation.

We spend close to $600bn/yr in the US on chronic pain.  We spend a little over one bn on neuromodulation.

  • Introduction to the series on Spinal Cord Stimulation and Neuromodulation.
    This is the Table of Contents or Introduction to the Neuromodulation University Video Education Series.

Anodyne means pain relief.

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