Bone Marrow Aspirate (BMA)

Spinal Stem Cell and Intradiscal Stem Cell

Intradiscal Stem-cell injection is a new and possibly effective way to treat back pain from degenerative disc disease. It is NOT FDA approved.  Below is a single person’s experience with intradiscal stem cell.

  • NOT FDA APPROVEDThis is a patient’s experience with intradiscal stem cell and PRP injection over a month post operatively for degenerative disc disease DDD of the lumbar spine.  I think you’ll find it fascinating.  It is especially amazing because of the relatively dangerous and poorly effective nature of the competing treatment options: multi-level fusion, high dose narcotics, epidurals, disc replacement, “”Laser Surgery!””, physical therapy,  “muscle relaxers”, time and prayer (no disrespect!).

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