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We are waiting you to get in touch with us. Office Info Feel free to contact us. We have 17 employees who are professionally and personally dedicated to taking care of you. They share in our patients' success and I would be a failure without them. If they aren't dedicated, then they move on! You may have frustrations with the way healthcare is administered in America, I do too, but our staff bends over backwards, everyday to take care of you. I get complimented on their efforts EVERYDAY. If you think they or I am not up to snuff, tell me about it below. I want to know. WE HAVE MOVED LOCATIONS TO 5601 N. Dixie Highway, across 56th Street from our old location at the Holy Cross Health Plex.


5601 N Dixie Hwy #209,

Fort Lauderdale,

FL 33334, United States

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