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"To Make Man (and Woman!) Whole"
This is our motto. Our aim is to return you to your life. It's a physiatric approach. It's a whole person approach.

  • • The most innovative techniques in relieving pain
    • Biological microsurgery to repair degeneration
    • Ultra-minimally invasive surgery to relieve pain.
    • Nondestructive, non-fusitive approaches.
    • We help the FDA find the best and safest approaches
    • More research in pain than Cleveland Clinic Cleveland AND Florida Combined.
    • An extremely caring staff whose focus is you.
    • A dedication to safety which eclipses all other practices.
    • Well over 50,000 procedures performed safely.
    • We see the whole picture, from non-surgical and surgical answers and help guide you through the best, safest most effective decisions to get you better as fast as possible.
    • Why would anyone let a non-boarded, non-fellowship trained or part time pain doctor put a needle or knife in their spine?
    • We are a destination practice located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.
    • We help the failed cases, we are the last resort, why start anywhere else, why become a failure?

Dr. McRoberts has recently completed book chapters on Spinal Cord Stimulation for the American Academy of Pain Medicine, Comprehensive Textbook of Pain Medicine, current surgical approaches for spinal disc disorders, surgical approaches for peripheral nerve stimulation and surgical approaches for peripheral nerve field stimulation. He has recently published peer reviewed academic articles on reduction of incision size for spine procedures, as well as a large prospective study regarding a novel target for neuromodulation for low back pain. Dr. McRoberts regularly speaks and teaches nationally and internationally about the ever evolving and most creative approaches to chronic pain treatment. He is a contributing member of multiple spine and pain societies, works with and designs research for leading pain and spine therapeutic industry leaders and is principal investigator for multiple prospective FDA IDE trials in neuromodulation for pain, ultra-minimally invasive spine surgery, and novel injection techniques and drugs.

Dr. McRoberts believes pain is an extremely complex disease state, neuro-physiologically, musculo-skeletally and psychologically. It is never a single system problem and the treatments available, be they medical, surgical or interventional all present various considerations. His aim is to help find your path through them: least risk, most benefit. He hopes that in understanding the deepest mechanisms of pain he can reveal your pain’s weakness and treat you.

Lastly, he is credentialed to do every and all current interventional procedures, and has performed many tens of thousands of procedures safely and effectively.






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